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Easily add an event calendar and event pages to your website. Powerful features. Easy to use. Beautiful design. Impeccable support. That’s what you get with  Blue Marlin Events Calendar.

Manage Your Website’s Calendar With Ease

Get professional-level quality and features backed by a team you can trust.  Looking to get more out of your calendar? Advanced features including recurring events, ticket sales, publicly submitted events, new views, Facebook event integration and more can be added.

Multiple Views

Show off your events in a calendar grid, list, or day by day. You can choose which view is default and which are available for your users to choose from. Views are searchable, themeable, and show event Featured Images.

Fully Responsive

Visitors can find and view events from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Each calendar view is fully responsive and mobile-ready so your users can find events from anywhere.

Saved Content

Frequently have events at the same venue? No problem! Venue and organizer information is saved so it can be easily used for new events. Of course, you can always edit the details from the admin menu.

Categories & Tags

Organize and label events by using Event Categories and post tags. Taxonomies display in event details and users can view Event Category or tag archive pages on the frontend.

Style Sheets

Change your calendar’s style by selecting one of our Stylesheet options. Different options allow more or less of your theme’s style to be reflected in the calendar. Or use our Skeleton option to strip out styling and apply your own.


Import events, venues, and organizers into your calendar with our CSV Importer. Users can export individual events or a full view’s worth for use in iCal or Google Calendar.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Take full control of the calendaring process and customize it to suit your needs. Blue Marlin Events calendar keeps users on your site from start to finish. Our events calendar is easy to manage. Combines clean visual design with a powerful set of features to create the most advanced website calendar system available. Blue Marlin Events calendar is the perfect website calendar for venues and event creators. Filter events by location, organizer and more.

Events Calendar is robust, but easy to use. We didn’t build every crazy feature we could imagine. We just built the ones you need.








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